Grundig Majestic 2065 US

2065 US Photo

I bought this Grundig Majestic 2065 US as part of a deal that included the Grundig Majestic Model 1099. It dated from the 1950s. It was missing the back and other features that might help ID the unit, but thanks to an e-mail exchange that started with his posting in, Adam Dubin was able to properly identify the radio for me!

The radio was in poor shape, its tuning eye and dial lights are shot. When powered up, however, some strong local stations came in, proving these radios simply don't die without a fight.

The tuning range of the 2065 is the same as most other units of this era: MW 510-1600 kHz; SW 6-16 MHz; and FM 88-108 MHz. The tubes inside are ECC85, EF89, ECH81, EABC80, and EC84. The tuning eye tube had a "166" marking on it.

It also has dual "Bass" and "Treble" controls on each side of the dial: each of these controls operates properly and shapes the sound which comes out of the sole speaker in front and the two side tweeters. The overall effect is that of a rudimentary equalizer.

One nice touch about this set is the little "Hi-Fi Sound" emblem on the speaker grille. It certainly takes you back to the era. The nameplate with the "2065" model number was missing, although it belonged right above the "Hi-Fi Sound" emblem.

In early 2000, this radio was turned over to a friend who used it for parts.

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