Grundig Concert Boy

Concert Boy Photo

The Grundig Concert Boy is a classic 1960s transistor radio, complete with its heavy-duty case and built-in antenna, and of course that classic Grundig sound.

This particular unit was manufactured in Germany for sale in Europe, which is where the original owners bought it. It still had the Swiss "PTT Radio" license sticker inside the battery compartment, and the dial and control markings are in German.

The frequencies covered on this unit are: LW 150-400 kHz; AM 510-1600 kHz; SW1 5.91-6.20 MHz (sometimes this is referred to as the "Europa" band); SW2 6.1-16.00 MHz; and FM 88-108 MHz. Each scale has indications on the dial for the radio services of various European countries, and an added bonus are the little red and green plastic "pointers" which the user moves to preferred spots on the dial. You can see the pointers in the photo alongside the FM ("U") vertical scale.

The unit is about 14 inches wide, 9 inches tall, and 4 inches deep. It's fairly heavy, and it's built like a little battleship. The power supply (a removable unit that sits snugly next to the battery holder) is switchable between 110/220 VAC, and the AC cord is terminated with a European-style plug with a US adapter connected to it. This was truly designed as a "go-anywhere" radio. It has the usual connections on the back for external antennas, as well as a DIN connector for a tape deck. And the brown parts you see in the photo are real leather.

It's seen a lot of usage, which the case shows. The electronics and some of the cosmetic features were completely refurbished by S&S Electronics, and it performs across all bands beautifully, something it didn't do when I bought it. In initial side-by-side comparisons, it performs as well as the GE Super Radio II on AM, and it's a great performer on FM, LW, and SW. Tuning the 5.91-6.20 MHz band is a real treat, too, especially during those crowded early evening hours.

The radio was sold through eBay in January of 2002.

This was yet another garage sale find. It pays to keep your eyes open!

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