Motorola T6300 FRS Radios

These Motorola T6300 FRS Radios joined my collection in June of 2003.

I already had two FRS radios in my collection, the GE units found here, when these were handed to me as a prize at an annual used-electronics recycling event here in suburban Chicago.  Evidently, I was the correct-number car in line at this event, and the folks who ran it (at a facility Motorola donated for the day) stopped me and handed me these two radios.  Not a bad deal.

You can't tell from the photo above, but the body of the unit on the left is black, and the one on the right is blue. 

The T6300 is far more feature-laden than the GE. In addition to the 14 FRS channels/38 CTCSS subcodes, it also has a built-in weather radio (for picking up NOAA broadcasts in the MHz range) and a clock/stopwatch.

There is also a "privacy" mode which performs three different types of voice scrambling.  If you set all units to the same type of scrambling, your communications are in the clear. Anyone listening in without being set to the same mode will here some form of voice inversion.  

There is a hands-free option and a jack for an external headset.  The unit also has a vibrating alert, which makes it nice in a very quiet or very loud environment.  

The display shows the channel/subcode, battery and signal strength (when transmitting or receiving), and other icons showing the current operating mode.

I used these radios as my wife, daughter, and I were in a "convoy" in separate cars on a trip to Indiana.  I figure we got almost a mile's distance between us before we lost contact.  It was a great alternative to using cellphones, especially since it didn't require any action beyond picking it up and pushing the Talk button!

Another great communication device from Motorola!

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