Magnavox AE3805

AE3805 Photo

The Magnavox AE3805 has been sold around the world under both the Magnavox and Philips names. The radio's main board has Sangean's name on it, and it is almost identical to the Sangean ATS-800 and Radio Shack's DX-370.

Coverage is 530-1710 kHz (MW), 87.5-107.9 MHz (FM), 3200-7300 kHz (SW1), and 9500-21750 kHz (SW2). It's a relatively nice performer, but its lack of stereo on FM through headphones, combined with its slight lack of sensitivity made my other cheap portable, the Emerson PSW-4010, my preferred "station hunting" radio.  One nice thing about this radio is that you can use it as a clock radio, so this unit served as a travel-alarm clock radio for a while before it was supplanted for that purpose by the Grundig Yacht Boy 400.

I bought this radio through the Damark closeout catalog in 1993 for under $50. I'd since seen it in other closeout catalogs, and for a while in 1993 and 1994 it was on sale at the Magnavox Factory Outlets scattered around the USA. At that price, it was a bargain!

I parted with this radio in 2000.

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