Grundig Yacht Boy 400

This Grundig Yacht Boy 400 is my current traveling companion. Like the Grundig Satellit 700, there has been a lot of press given this radio, and it's all deserved.

One of the things that makes this unit special is the way it sounds. Unlike most other radios this size, this has much warmer audio, and while it can't come close to some of the other radios on this page in terms of its ability to fill a room with sound, it does a much better job than some of the other smaller units here, like the Emerson PSW-4010 or the Magnavox AE3805. If you don't want to bother your significant other, kids, or roommate, add a pair of headphones, and you've got stereo.

Tuning, sensitivity, and selectivity are all great, and the built-in timer makes a great travel alarm. There are 40 memory locations to fill, and the unit also came with a portable wind-up reel antenna for pulling in stations when the built-in rod won't do.

Coverage for the '400 is as follows: 87.5-108 MHz (FM); 144-353 kHz (LW), 520-1710 kHz (MW), and 1711-30000 kHz (SW). SSB is available on the AM bands, which also makes this unit unique. Medium-wave reception is selectable between 9 and 10 kHz steps, which makes listening overseas a convenience.

The '400 was a great seller for Grundig for its initial run, and its successor, the silver-colored Yacht Boy 400PE (also sold as the G4000) were still being sold well into the late 2000s.

In all, a great unit and one which I expect will continue to serve me well!

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