Henry Kloss Model Three by Tivoli Audio

Having spent a couple years enjoying the Henry Kloss Model One radio, I became smitten in late 2004 with the idea of waking up to that amazing Tivoli Audio quality.  That's what led me to buy this Tivoli Henry Kloss Model Three radio.

As you can see, this unit is very similar to the Model One, except it has a clock on the front panel where the Model One's speaker is located.  The clock operates separately from the radio: it requires it own AA battery, and since it's an analog clock, the owner's manual tells you to experiment with the time settings to make sure it wakes you up at the proper time.  You can wake up to your choice of an alarm or the radio.  And of course, there's a big, silver Snooze button on top of the unit (next to where the speaker's been relocated) as well as a Sleep function that lets you listen to the radio as you fall asleep.  The clock gives off a nice, cool blue-green glow when the radio is plugged in.

The other difference between this unit and the Model One is that there is an "AUX" setting on the main selector switch.  This allows you to connect your CD player or iPod to the unit and enjoy the warm Tivoli audio.  There is also a jack for a second speaker (sold separately), and a corresponding switch to make the unit stereo.  Other jacks for a subwoofer, headphones, mix-in, and record out are here, as well.  A connection and switch for an external FM antenna are also carryovers from the Model One.

Like its cousin, the acoustics of this unit are incredible. The heavy-duty mono speaker, the wood case, and bass port are all here from the Model One, to create room-filling sound in spite of its small size.  And performance is identical to the Model One's: tuning and reception are spot-on.

The dial scale runs from 88 to 108 MHz FM and 550 to 1700 kHz MW, the standard for US radios.

The Model Three comes in one color only, Metallic Taupe/Cherry.  The unit is made in China.

Tivoli hits another home run with this radio!

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